`Accountability breeds responsibility.`

Date Published 20 July 2021

Accountability is at the heart of everything we do at Noonan Property Services, from taking responsibility of the smallest tasks to ownership for our decisions, actions, performance and behaviour.

Even something as simple as a vendors, tenants or landlords keys - we take the greatest care of them when in our possession. It is a real pleasure to be trusted in this way.

We use the 5C's to strengthen accountability within our teams:

1 - Common purpose: Our team understand why they need them to follow our strict key safe process and why it matters to our clients.

2 - Clear expectations: Our team know exactly what they need to do and when with clear expectations.

3 - Communicate and align: We document every stage of the process when keys are received into our care and when they are signed out, whether that's for viewings or maintenance. Every stage can be traced.

4 - Collaborate and coach: We regularly train and reinforce the importance of the trust placed in us when we take a property on, right down to how keys are handled.

5 - Consequences: Losing a set of clients keys through carelessness, breaking procedure or lack of responsibility such as leaving them in cars or at home have far reaching consequences. Not just for the member of staff but for the client who will experience loss of trust, inconvenience and worry.

So you can see why we are so proud to take care of your keys