Domestic Violence theme to sell you stuff

Communities Matter

As human beings we need meaning in our lives.

We crave community and cannot live our best lives without it. Our mental health and our physical health literally depend on being part of a strong, capable community.

Being part of active community makes us feel we are listened to and cared for - we feel we belong. And that can only be a good thing in our opinion.

Which is why we set up The Property Angels Foundation, a Community Interest Company which support families affected by domestic abuse throughout St Neots, Huntingdon, St Ives and the surrounding villages.

Our main aim is to raise public awareness of domestic abuse and signpost individuals to qualified professionals.

The Property Angels Foundation C.I.C was set up by Joanne Noonan, Natalie Brookman and Caroline Deeprose during the COVID Pandemic of 2020 when cases of domestic abuse soared dramatically.

The organisation are an active part of the community in St Neots and help to:

  • Raise funds for local domestic abuse refuges to help fund their projects
  • Signpost individuals to qualified professionals specialising in domestic abuse, mental health, legal support or training to get back into work.
  • Source donated items for the home for a family affected by domestic abuse .
  • Social activities for emotional well being and peer support, such as the monthly Angel Walk and Talks

Visit Property Angels Foundation below