Joanne Noonan

Joanne NoonanFARLACompany Owner

I’ve got years and years of experience in the lettings industry. I started my career in property in London, where I spent ten years, first in Knightsbridge letting some of the most prestigious properties in the UK, then in the City of London’s famous Square Mile looking after corporate lets and sourcing exclusive apartments for City banking and law firms.

How did I come to be in St Neots? When I left London I worked in this area and then built my own letting company from scratch. My 20 years here mean I’ve got real in-depth knowledge of all the issues affecting landlords and tenants locally, and joining forces with Giggs and Company in 2017 has meant we can now provide an all-round service for property investors.

It’s worth pointing out, I think, that I’m a qualified ARLA member as well. Actually I’m qualified to be a Fellow of ARLA (FARLA). Without going into too much detail this means I’ve passed the most stringent legal exams in the letting industry, and can offer accurate advice to clients on all their property issues - something that is very important to me.

I’m also a landlord myself, with a portfolio of properties, so I know exactly what kind of service landlords need and should expect. Actually, I try to exceed those expectations when I can.

I come from a large family of nine. I can remember I was part of a ballad group and used to take part in Irish singing competitions - and I’m still known for breaking out into song whenever I get the chance.

I live in Hertfordshire with my partner Mark and my two sons. We have two very large dogs, one is an Irish Wolfhound and the other a German Shepherd/Husky/Chihuahua mix (don't ask!). We have a large Maine Coon cat and a Bearded Dragon called Bernard. My pastimes (when I get the time) are weight training and pilates.

Be sure to ask me for one of my ‘awkward hugs’ when you meet me, my team love them!

Natalie Brookman

Natalie BrookmanFARLAGeneral Manager

It would be a bit boring to list everything I do! It’s quite a long list. To try and sum it up, I think my most important job is to look after the team here - all the recruitment and development, as well as the team’s more day-to-day needs.

I also take care of office matters like finance, systems and processes, and client service. I love things to be organised; I’m a bit of a ‘cog-turner’ to be honest, getting it all to run like clockwork!

Having said that, it’s the lasting relationships we’ve built with our clients that mean everything to me and I’m really proud of the work everyone does to look after them. We’ve got landlords and tenants working with us now that started out with us in the beginning, and that’s amazing.

I love what we do - there’s no better moment than when you see people getting the keys to their home and getting excited about their new journey. And it’s crucial that we look after all our clients the best we can - landlords and tenants. It’s these things that drove me recently to qualify as a Fellow of ARLA. I think it’s essential that we offer our clients the very best service and advice, and now I’m happy I can.

It’s easy for me to sell St Neots to clients - I call it home too and have done always. My mum is here, as are my brother, sister and their families. My children are at school here and we love everything the town offers, from the beautiful parks to the great cafes.

Caroline McAlynn

Caroline McAlynnHead of Tenant Relations

I love my job - absolutely love it. It’s all about people and making them happy. Matching people with the right home is quite an emotional thing. And if any of our tenants need to chat about something they need or a change in their circumstances I’m ready to help, whatever it is.

I’ve been with Joanne and the Noonan team for more than three years now. It’s really busy and the days race by but we’re really well looked after and that’s really important to me - it’s good to feel appreciated.

I don’t live in St Neots, I live in St Ives nearby, but I would definitely consider moving here once my children are finished at school and things. It seems quite a diverse place compared to a lot small towns locally.

Fun fact? We’ve got a tortoise called ‘Max Timmy-Tommy Shelly’ and an ancient cat called Trixie - she’s 21 (and a bit smelly!)

Ellie Lucas

Ellie LucasProperty Professional

I’ve always loved a front facing role that requires communicating, I can talk for England if you ask any of the girls in the office. The biggest part of this job is being communicative and understanding, in this job you need to listen to people and understand what they want and need. Everyone has a story to tell and that’s where the passion comes in to help them find the perfect home for them and their needs.

My role in this company is to perform viewings at our beautiful properties and find the right tenant for them. I also arrange property visits and inspections on behalf of landlords, and make sure everything is okay. I check off inventories and reports and pass on any concerns tenants may have.

Everyday is different in this job, blue days and exciting days but it’s all worth it when our amazing tenants and landlords say thank you for our effort. That is what makes this job all worth it.

Zoe Chandler

Zoe ChandlerAccounts Manager

My role is to make sure all the client monies are processed, rents paid, landlords financial matters looked after, tax organised and ensuring the company is compliant to the Arla client money handling regulations.

I have worked in the property letting industry for seven years before joining and have lived in the St Neots area for more than 30 years. So I’m looking forward to helping our clients with all their property letting and rental needs.

I live in Hail Weston, just outside the town, and I love the peace there. Two of my children still live at home and all three have grown up and gone to school in St Neots. My two babies now are my golden retrievers, Max and Milo, and going on walks with them is where I’m at my happiest. (Except when we go away in our motorhome - I love that - I guess I just need to be outdoors!)