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`Accountability breeds responsibility.` 20 July 2021

Accountability is at the heart of everything we do at Noonan Property Services, from taking responsibility of the smallest tasks to ownership for our decisions, actions, performance and behaviour.

Even something as simple as a vendors, tenants or landlords keys - we take the greatest care of them when in our possession.... Read More


As we move towards the planned date for progression to Step 4 of the Roadmap in England and towards school Summer holidays, we will be reassessing existing contingency plans to factor in the implications of our areas of responsibility.

This information is guidance for best practice following the UK Government"s decision to proceed to Step 4 out of lockdown in England from 19 July 2021.... Read More

Right to Rent Uncertainty... 30 June 2021

Right to Rent uncertainty ‘will inevitably cause problems for landlords and letting agents".

Since the end of the transition phase, there has been a grace period on Right to Rent checks, due to come to an end today.

According to the Home Office, agents/landlords will from tomorrow be required to move from checking nationality to checking the UK immigration status of all adult applicants.... Read More

Adjusted Right to Rent checks to continue to 31 August 22 June 2021

The Home Office has further extended the period in which letting agents and landlords managing properties in England can carry out Right to Rent checks by video call, to the end of August.

The return of in-person Right to Rent checks has been delayed in line with wider Government safety guidance around limiting the spread of Covid-19 infection.... Read More

Knowing the Law in Lettings 22 June 2021

Your letting agents" role must not be underestimated, as without the understanding they bring of legal complexities, renters are left with the uncertainty of their entitlements.

Statistics show that one in eight private rented homes in England are unsafe, which includes poor housing conditions and lack of maintenance.... Read More

Farewell Ellie Lucas 11 June 2021

Today is our farewell lunch to our Ellie Lucas.

She is flying the nest and spreading her wings to join the corporate world of lettings in central Cambridge. We couldn"t be prouder of her.

Ellie joined us originally for work experience and her warm hearted nature ensured she had a place with us thereafter.... Read More

Have you ever experienced bad customer service? 09 June 2021

It feels simply awful doesn"t it?

It was once said that "you can succeed in any business or industry if you learn how to do one thing well: treat your customers like kings and queens."

It is this very sentiment that our beliefs are based on.... Read More

House prices soar to new record high... 07 June 2021

House prices soar to new record high as market sees strongest growth in seven years
House prices reached another record high in May, with the average property adding more than £3,000 (+1.3%) to its value in the last month alone.
A year on from the first easing of national lockdown restrictions, and the gradual reopening of the housing market, annual growth surged to 9.... Read More

Unsung Heros: Caroline McAylynn 04 June 2021

In our series of unsung hero"s, this girl is diamond. As our Head of client relations, her winning personality ensures our clients are looked after in the best way.

When it comes to big hearts and kindness, you don"t get much bigger than our Caroline McAlynn.... Read More

Natalie Brookman Makes Partner at Noonan Property Services 01 June 2021

It is with the greatest of pleasures we announce that Natalie Brookman Noonan Property (FARLA/NAEA) has been made a partner at Noonan Property Services.

Joanne says, "I met Natalie for the first time at a meeting three years ago. I was instantly impressed by her professionalism, dedication and her can do attitude.... Read More

New Team Members Join Noonan 26 May 2021

As Mahatma Gandhi once said "Be the change that you wish to see in the world"

And from all of us ladies at Noonan, we are proud to announce that our beloved little Ellie Lucas is flying the nest and spreading her wings to join the corporate world of lettings in central Cambridge.... Read More

Unsung Hero: Caroline Deeprose 21 May 2021

This week we are honouring our very own Caroline Deeprose Noonan Property

Our Caroline is beautiful inside and out. A working mum with three daughters, she is a real life super hero... and one classy lady!

Caroline is the voice behind our social media and loves nothing more than sharing our stories, entertaining our readers, or engaging with our community.... Read More