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How to buy a home before the end of March 2021 19 November 2020

Although March 31st 2021 sounds a long way off, the sheer volume of buyers and sellers taking advantage of the stamp duty holiday means that delays will be inevitable.

Rightmove estimates that there are 650,000 sales going through in the UK right now, 67 per cent more than in November last year.... Read More

What to do if your sale is at risk of falling through as mortgage lenders downgrade prices 17 November 2020

Though the market continues to be strong and people will still be able to move home under the newest government measures, there"s always the risk a house sale will fall through. People back out of house purchases for a whole range of reasons - a quarter of prospective sales fell through in 2019.... Read More

The Secret to selling your home for the best price and fast! 12 November 2020

As my mother said, "No one buys bruised fruit". And this applies to your home too. Getting your home prepared for sale is vital to not only sell faster but by potentially adding thousands to its value too.

Declutter – but don"t depersonalise

Over the years we accumulate so much STUFF.... Read More

Help us raise £2000 for Cambridge Women`s Aid against Domestic Abuse 06 October 2020

COVID-19 is having a serious impact on the lives of women and children suffering from domestic abuse. Shocking statistics revealed that domestic violence has surged since the start of the coronavirus lockdown, with a 700% increase in calls to helplines in a single day.... Read More