Relationships.  What is the key to a successful one?

Date Published 28 July 2022

It goes without saying that communication is vital in any relationship, as it allows you to effectively share information and set expectations.

Many estate agents fail to communicate with their clients effectively, probably due to a fear of rejection, or the fear of upsetting, or even losing their client.

But when you are honest and have regular communication with each other, you get to know your client very well indeed, so difficult conversations are never a problem.

This is the kind of relationship we had with our seller (and former landlord) Carl. Open, regular communication.

It makes for a happy client it would seem.

If you would like to sell your home with an estate agent who actually tells you what is going on, (especially after the sale is agreed, as that's when you need them the most!) give our sales team a call.

It's estate agency, but not as you know it.