The most hated profession...? Nooooo....!

Date Published 13 June 2022

Lots of people don't like estate agents and you can understand why...

The top complaints are:

- Lack of transparency about potential buyers' or tenants' feedback – they say what you want to hear rather than the truth.
- Promises about people on their database that want a property exactly like the one you want to sell or rent out, only for these people never to materialise.
- After your home has been on the market a while, the person who was so eager to take your calls to begin with has suddenly lost the ability to return a phone call.
- And the worst one? Overvaluing a property to get the instruction, when they know the likelihood of being able to achieve that price is virtually nil...

It's not surprising that being an estate agent is one of the most disliked professions in the UK, ranking just below being a politician! Yikes!!

But fear not.. [Cue Joanne and team stood proudly with hair blowing in the wind, hands on hips and inspirational music in the background] ...the best compliment we receive from our clients is that we are not your 'typical estate agent'.

Apparently we are, (shock horror), just really nice, professional people, who do a great job. Oh, and we know 'home'.

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